Redefining Mystery Shopping

Customer experience consulting from top retail industry experts.

Who are REMA?

REMA is comprised of a team of top retail industry veterans whose mission is to help businesses improve their customer experience and increase ROI.

We proudly provide our clients with a 360-degree assessment of their business and provide actionable recommendations. We are committed to assisting our clients with increasing profitability, efficiency and overall success.

Meet our team

Linda Johansen-James


Linda, better known as the “Billion Dollar Brand Maker”, is an expert in the retail industry. She specializes in brand launches, in-store design, sales training, franchising, and has a track record of generating $1.7 billion in revenue and attracting top national brands. Linda is also a respected industry speaker and holds certifications as a Leasing Specialist and Retail Executive.

Ian Scott


Ian is a a retail expert with 20 years of experience, having started his journey in a POP agency in Leicester, UK. His interest in retail comes from the intersection of marketing efforts and customer transactions. Ian aims to help retailers, brands, and agencies gain clarity and navigate the retail landscape effectively by understanding shoppers and their behaviours.

Audra Lamoon


Audra, our “Hospitality Queen”, started her journey as a “failed air hostess” who conquered her lack of customer service skills through experience. Audra has worked with clients worldwide, such as The Walt Disney Company, Hammerson, and CBRE, leveraging her people skills to align with client vision, values, and create exceptional service experiences.

What do we do?

At REMA, we proudly provide our clients with a 360-degree assessment of their business and provide actionable recommendations.

With our comprehensive REMA assessment, we thoroughly evaluate various aspects of your organisation, uncovering insights and opportunities for improvement.

Our expert team analyses your operations, customer experience, and marketing strategies to give you a holistic view of your business. By leveraging our REMA assessment, you can make informed decisions that drive growth and success.

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The REMA assessment

A REMA Report provides a comprehensive marketing assessment that’s not just facts and figures. It considers the emotive and aspirational aspects of your customers’ and employees experiences.

The assessment unlocks unprecedented insight across all points of engagement, from your online platforms to your physical premises, with reference to best practice and comparison with your competitors.

Each report is presented online with a concise summary of all findings, evidence, and recommendations. REMA can unlock the potential of your property, enhancing experiences and reputation, improving retention, strengthening relationships, and ensuring consistency and success across your brand.

Unleash your Property's Potential

Engaging in the REMA assessment brings a range of benefits that directly impact your bottom line and overall success. You can expect:

Increased Net Operating Income

Improved customer & employee retention

Strengthened investor relationships

Enhanced brand reputation

Uncover points of dissonance

Actionable recommendations

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Enhance your online performance with our digital audit

At REMA, we go beyond physical evaluations of businesses and delve into the digital landscape to ensure your brand is fully optimised. That’s why we’ve partnered with CREATIVE in TiME, a leading marketing agency based in the UK, to offer a comprehensive digital audit of your business and your online presence.


Social Media


The digital audit encompasses a thorough review of your website, social media channels, and other digital touch-points to identify areas for improvement.

With our digital audit, you’ll receive a detailed report of our findings and actionable recommendations to enhance your online performance. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your online presence to the next level, our digital audit is the perfect tool to help you succeed.

Our expertise extends across industries, covering a wide range of properties and services.

This includes Hospitality, Residential Properties, Real Estate Development, Retail, Entertainment and Leisure and Healthcare. No matter your industry, we have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

Straight from our clients

Audra Lamoon is a recognised leader in world class customer experience consultancy and assessment.

Via her REMA program, the team at Livewire have provided robust and thoughtful feedback into the guest experience on our assets, from the first phone call or email through to the letting stage, celebrating where the teams shine or allowing us to pinpoint specific areas where we can improve.

The added benefit of assessing the websites and social media channels, provides us with a broader overview of our marketing activity, helping us understand the effectiveness of key touchpoints in the customer journey.

This insight has been vital as we consider how to build training and support programs for the teams on site, along with updating business and marketing plans that align with our values on how our residents and guests should experience their journey to find their perfect new home as we strive to provide the best service throughout the residential lifecycle.

Stephanie Smith
Director @ Invesco Real Estate

I’m thrilled with the level of detail and observations in the REMA mystery shopping and engagement service. Beyond mystery shopping, this data will benefit us in our planning as we advance with our mixed-use projects and is exactly what we need. 

In fact, we are looking forward to the assessment! We appreciate all their work, which enables us to improve our high services even further. Our whole team sees the report and implements the actions, it’s a team effort. Thank you so much.

Michael Saadalla
Director @ North American Properties

I’ve recently engaged the wonderful team at REMA Experiential Mystery Shopping for a mandate with Wafi Group, and I can say that this program has truly transformed traditional mystery shopping. 

Beyond outdated systems, REMA captures genuine customer interactions, prioritising insightful, personalised feedback. The platform is innovative, facilitating in-depth insights for businesses.

Moreover, REMA is an ideal tool for businesses keen on rapid improvement, fostering positive change and enhanced customer satisfaction. Its constructive nature promotes team cooperation and involvement. If you’re after a progressive approach to mystery shopping, REMA is the choice I would warmly recommend.

Stephanie-Alexandra Chartier
Head of Marketing @ Wafi Group

“I had the opportunity to work with REMA Experiential Mystery Shopping for some of our key PREIT properties. The reports covered a broad spectrum of customer interaction and perceptions including the cleanliness, aesthetics, and interaction with personnel associated as mall staff. Unlike mystery shoppers of the past, REMA also offers advice and suggestions on how to improve the shopping experience which has allowed us to have constructive conversations with key team members that are instrumental to our operations and enhancing the shopper journey. The REMA reports inspired our team to communicate better and focus on improving the customer experience.”

Joseph Coradino
Chairman & CEO, PREIT

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